Breathe Better, NOW! New In-office Treatment for Nasal Obstruction

Treatment for nasal obstruction does not necessarily have to involve the operating room and traumatic surgeries. Yes, it’s actually true! A variety of office-based techniques are now available to address nasal obstruction and may be a great solution before resulting to more aggressive surgical methods.

As you may know, nasal obstruction is a broad term that essentially refers to poor airflow through the nose. When your nose is blocked and something is obstructing your ability to breathe properly, well, you need more air.

There are multiple causes of nasal obstruction, including the following:

-nasal septal deviation
-enlarged turbinates
-nasal valve collapseBreath
-nasal/sinus polyps

The particular cause or causes of your nasal obstruction will determine the appropriate course of treatment and options available to you. An office-based nasal endoscopy is the most definitive method of evaluating the anatomy of the nose or sinus and for diagnosing nasal obstruction.

Below, we’ll take a look at one of the latest and most advanced office-based treatments for certain cases of nasal obstruction—a treatment known as the VivAer® Nasal Airway Procedure that can help clear blocked nasal passages and have you breathing easier in mere minutes.

If you have a deviated nasal septum…

Structural abnormality in the nose can actually frequently be the cause or a factor in nasal obstruction. Deviated septums are surprisingly common, diagnosed in nearly 80% of adults. The nasal septum is the structure made up of bone and cartilage that separates your nose into a right and left side. Having a deviated septum can result in difficulty breathing, congestion, chronic sinus infections, fatigue, snoring, and other health woes. While for some patients with significant breathing symptoms and with more complex issues, undergoing a sinuplasty surgery to correct the deviation may be necessary for successful resolve the condition.

However, there are also cases where nasal obstruction related to the septum and anatomical structure can be addressed under a simple local office-based procedure. When the problem stems from a region of the septum called the nasal organ, it can be enlarged and treated with the VivAer® procedure.

If you have nasal valve problems…

The nasal valve is the area where the lower nasal cartilage meets the inside of the nose at the septum.

In some patients, this cartilage is weak and floppy and collapses on itself which results in nasal obstruction. There are many techniques that can be used to treat this problem, and several in-office procedures, including Latera implants and the VivAer® procedure.

VivAer® Nasal Airway Procedure

By now, you’re probably wondering, what exactly is the VivAer® Nasal Airway procedure and how does it work? Here’s a quick overview of the procedure and the major benefits:

VivAer® is a one-time, non-invasive procedure that can be performed in minutes in our office. It is clinically proven to provide relief for certain patients with nasal obstruction.

It uses a low-temperature process that gently reshapes tissue of the nasal airway to help you breathe easier right away.

Basically, it helps eliminate the obstruction by restructuring your nose, creating a clearer, more open pathway  to allow for more airflow.

The procedure involves only local anesthetic, minimal discomfort, and no incisions. Patients usually even return to normal activity on the same day.

Most importantly, it works, it’s safe, and the results are stunning. Patients achieve significant and long lasting relief, and improvement in quality of life. With just a simple, quick little in-office procedure.

If you have other causes of nasal obstruction….

For other causes of nasal obstruction, like nasal/sinus polyps and turbinate enlargement, there also many treatment options available, including other types of office-based procedures. .

Whatever the cause of your nasal obstruction, you can find relief and the right treatment options for your unique case. At Ohio Sinus, we offer the latest, safest, and most advanced techniques existing today. .

Let us help you find the treatment approach that’s right for you! Give us a call to schedule your personalized consultation right now.