In Office Procedures

In office procedures play an integral role in daily management of chronic sinus patients.  Chronic sinus is not always a fully curable condition and consequently requires routine visits and management.  In office procedures employed at Ohio Sinus Institute include the following:

  • Diagnostic nasal endoscopy
  • Nasal endoscopy with cultures for antibiotic selection
  • Nasal endoscopy with debridement
  • Nasal sinus irrigations with antibiotics and steroids
  • Nasal endoscopy with control of nosebleeds
  • Turbinate reductions
  • Fungal ball removal
  • Balloon sinus dilations (balloon sinuplasty)
  • Steroid stent placement
  • Office Ablative Procedures


Our office is equipped with the latest technology including digital image capture, high definition video equipment, computer guided technology and variety of instruments and tools identical to those used in the operating room.  This vast array of equipment allows Dr. Karanfilov to manage the most complicated sinus conditions frequently in the office setting.

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