Balloon Sinuplasty FAQ: Risks, Recovery & Results

Unrelenting, painful sinus symptoms can disrupt your life, make breathing difficult, and leave you feeling miserable too frequently. If you struggle with chronic sinus infections, or chronic sinusitis, and other treatments don’t seem to work—balloon sinuplasty could be the solution that helps you achieve lasting relief. 

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that uses a tiny balloon to restore proper sinus drainage, relieving many of the common sinus symptoms patients suffer from. The goal of balloon sinuplasty is to open any blockages at the root of your chronic sinusitis, flush out all possible infections, and restore normal sinus function and breathing. 

For eligible patients balloon sinuplasty—and ballon techniques—have become the gold standard for treating chronic sinus infections and certain other sinus issues. 

If you are considering balloon sinuplasty, wondering if it really works, and whether it may be right for you, continue reading to learn more about the procedure and why it is considered the gold standard. 


There is always some level of risk involved in any type of procedure. It’s always a good idea to discuss the risks and potential complications with your doctor in greater detail. Don’t hesitate to speak up—we encourage you to bring up any questions and or concerns you may have. That being said, balloon sinuplasty is an FDA approved procedure that is proven safe and effective. 

Among the many benefits and reasons it is a preferred procedure is that balloon sinuplasty involves minimal risk and complications are extremely rare. 

This is particularly of note in comparison to traditional sinus surgery, which is more invasive and therefore intrinsically carries greater potential risk. 

In contrast, balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive, doesn’t involve cutting, the removal or breaking of bone, or require undergoing major anesthesia. It is generally a relatively straightforward, simple, and quick procedure that is as effective as traditional sinus surgery. 

Results & Recovery

Results are the heart of the matter—so what type of results can you expect? Will you experience long-term relief? What is the success rate of balloon sinus surgery? 

Patients often experience immediate improvement following the balloon sinuplasty procedure and are still experiencing those results when followed up within the next year. Patients experience significant improvement in symptoms and long-lasting relief. You might also be wondering, is balloon sinuplasty permanent? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give a direct, definitive answer to that question because every patient is different and individual cases vary. The results will depend on factors including any nasal abnormalities, lifestyle choices, and the progression of symptoms over time. However, it can definitively be said there is a very low rate of revision. 

Success Rate

Balloon sinuplasty is proven to be effective and can be very beneficial to many patients. If you’re wondering whether balloon sinuplasty is as successful when compared to traditional surgery, don’t worry. It’s been shown to be just as effective while offering far more benefits. According to research, when compared to Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), balloon dilation procedures using advanced computer guided systems, is equally effective, both procedures have exceptional success rates. 

However, unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive, done in-office, is completed in under 30 minutes, and the balloon sinuplasty recovery experience is a fraction of the time and is significantly less painful. Patients also experience less postoperative bleeding, decreased need for pain medications, and missed significantly less work due to sinus issues over the next year. 

Bottom line

Does balloon sinuplasty work?  Absolutely!

While we cannot speak in absolutes as to the exact extent of the results and longevity of balloon sinuplasty, patients who are candidates for the procedure experience notable and significant improvement in symptoms and quality of life. The procedure can offer long-term relief and lasting benefits. Ultimately, it’s different for every patient. The minimal risk, typically quick and easy recovery time, and benefits patients experience, make balloon sinuplasty a highly worthy treatment option.  

If you struggle with chronic sinus infections, the Ohio Sinus Institute can help with our vast experience and variety of the most advanced treatment techniques. Give us a call! We will walk you through all of your treatment options to determine what plan best meets your needs. Schedule an appointment today!