Why Balloon Sinuplasty is Known as ‘The Smart Sinus Procedure’

A balloon sinus dilation, also commonly referred to as balloon sinuplasty or balloon sinus surgery, is a procedure used to treat conditions causing blocked or inflamed sinuses.

It is also frequently known as the “smart sinus” procedure.  In fact, the latest research findings show balloon procedures are superior compared to medical therapy for treating refractory (or reoccurring) chronic sinusitis.  So, why is balloon sinus surgery/sinuplasty considered the ‘smart’ treatment option?

Below, discover highlights about the procedure, its benefits, and how it may help you achieve relief from chronic sinus suffering:

How does balloon sinuplasty work?

First, let’s take a look at what exactly a balloon sinus dilation procedure is—in a little further detail. Balloon sinuplasty. is a type of endoscopic nasal surgery that uses small balloon catheters that gently inflate to open up blocked sinuses. This enables them to be cleared and drained. When the sinuses and nasal passageways become obstructed, it prevents normal functioning and leads to chronic symptoms and chronic, reoccurring sinusitis and infection.

Balloon sinuplasty also works to widen blocked and inflamed nasal passages and flush out congestion, eliminating or reducing obstructions to allow the return of normal functioning. This gentle restructuring and opening of the sinus membranes and nasal passages helps keep them clear, and prevent reoccurring problems. The procedure has also been shown to help preserve healthy nasal tissues, mucus membranes, and structure.

Significant advantages

The advantages of a balloon sinus dilation are many, particularly compared to traditional sinus surgery. Balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive and can be performed in-office. It is proven safe and effective. Complications are rare, and only minor risk and side effects are associated with the procedure. Recovery time is quick. Patients usually do not undergo general anesthesia, although localized anesthesia may be administered.

Advanced Technology-Driven Tools and Techniques

The most recent technological advances, adapted for and utilized in balloon sinus dilation, provide nontraumatic options in the tools and techniques used to carry out the procedure. A flexible guide wire with a lighted tip and the use of computer image guidance, both help ensure the greatest precision when placing the balloon, making the procedure even safer for patients, and more accessible.

In-office balloon sinus dilation utilizes the same tools as in the operating room, including the latest imaging technologies and computer image guidance for the most complicated cases.

It works! It really works!

After undergoing balloon sinuplasty, among the many major benefits, patients report experiencing:

  • More open and clear nasal passageways than before
  • Dramatic improvement in symptoms, or symptom-free
  • Lasting relief
  • Improved quality of lifeA balloon dilation procedure could be the smart choice to help you find lasting relief from your chronic sinus symptoms. To find out if you may be a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty, contact our office for more information.

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