Low Radiation Cat Scans

The diagnosis of chronic sinusitis is based on a patient’s history, sinus endoscopy and findings on x-rays. The best x-ray method to view sinuses is with computed tomography also known as cat scanning (CT). CT provides multiple thin cut images through the sinuses to give the most detailed view possible. The latest advance in CT has been the introduction of Cone Beam Cat Scanning (CBCT) for sinus imaging. This technology has been around in the dental and oral surgery community for several years but only recently was adopted by ENTs and Rhinologists for sinus imaging.

Since 2008, Ohio Sinus Institute was the first practice in Columbus to offer this safe, convenient and cost effective sinus imaging technology. We were also the first practice to have our scanner accredited by the national governing body, IAC-CT. This means our facility ranks and abides by the strictest rules for patient safety and compliance with best practices that large hospitals must follow. Dr. Karanfilov is the first ENT in the country to perform comparative research on cone beam cat scans presenting his research in 2008 at the American Rhinologic Society Meeting. The second part of this research has recently been completed that has surveyed patients to report on their experiences with traditional hospital based cat scans versus having the scan performed in the office. These results have been reported as a presentation at the annual American Rhinologic Society meeting and the paper was published.

It has been reported that up to 3% of adult cancers may be the result of diagnostic x-rays earlier in life. Because many sinus sufferers require frequent cat scans to follow disease state and polyps, we implemented Cone Beam Cat Scanning as soon as the technology was available. This allows us to safely and appropriately order and review imaging with patients. Cone Beam Cat Scanning is based on dental panoramic x-ray machines. This technology allows us to view the inside of your sinus passageways using a very low x-ray dose.

The advantages include:

  • Significant reduction in radiation exposure; in some cases, 95% less radiation than traditional helical cat scans at the hospital
  • Significant cost reduction when compared to hospital billing
  • Speed, most protocols can be completed in 10 to 20 seconds
  • Variable Dosing, for children, the exposure time can be minimized to under 8 seconds with the least possible x-ray dose
  • Comfort, patients are in a seated position resting their chin on the device
  • Convenience, images are reconstructed and viewed with the patient within 5 minutes of scanning (This saves a return office visit to review scans)


Outside Imaging

We also offer CBCT for dental evaluations and as a service for area physicians to obtain screening sinus cat scans. Most patients can be worked in the very same day and for those patients without insurance coverage or high deductibles, we can offer competitive pricing far less than hospitals and imaging centers.

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