Latest, Innovative Sinus Stents Could be Key to Your Treatment Strategy

New technology and the latest innovations in sinus stents provide advanced treatment options for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, and ongoing sinus misery.

For many individuals with chronic sinus health conditions, managing symptoms can feel like a life-long battle. It is possible to get symptoms under control and feel better, thanks to breakthrough treatment techniques and advances in medicine. The newest, intelligently designed crop of sinus stents are one such example of treatment components that have come a long way. Sinus stents no longer need be associated with a long, painful ordeal, hospital stays, and invasive surgery—and for some patients, they can even be placed in-office during a quick procedure.

Below, discover more about the different types of innovative sinus stents, how they work, and may be of benefit to you:

What is a sinus stent?

In general terms, a sinus stent is a small implement that is placed inside the sinus cavities to help prop them open and keep the passageways clear. Sinus implants may also provide localized, controlled delivery of medicine. Different types of sinus stents serve various purposes and have additional functions, which aide in treating chronic sinus related disorders.

Sinus stent innovation

Today’s innovative sinus stents utilize the latest technology, enabling patients to take action against complex sinus conditions with less invasive and more effective procedures—and increasing successful outcomes.

When incorporated into a treatment strategy for eligible candidates, sinus stents can help patients better achieve significant relief and improvement in symptoms—with more convenience and less discomfort. In many cases, procedures involving the placement of sinus stents can now even be performed in-office.

The PROPEL and SINUVA sinus implants are among the most advanced treatment options for patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis and/or nasal polyps, respectively.

Are sinus stents safe?

Yes. Both PROPEL implants and the SINUVA sinus implant are FDA approved, rigorously researched and demonstrated to be safe, and effective. Of course, as with any treatment or medication, there is a potential for side-effects and adverse reactions. Serious reactions are uncommon. Always be sure to discuss any concerns you might have with your doctor.

Sinus stents and chronic sinusitis

How can sinus stents help fight back against chronic sinusitis?

The PROPEL sinus implants may be used as part of your treatment plan for patients with chronic sinusitis who undergo (or have undergone) certain types of sinus surgery or procedures. These sinus stents can be placed post-operatively and used in conjunction with sinus surgery—both traditional (instrumental) sinus surgery and balloon sinus procedures (also known as balloon sinuplasty).

After sinus surgery, the PROPEL implant delivers a controlled, localized steroid medication directly to the sinus lining, reducing inflammation and scarring, the potential for significant side-effects associated with traditional steroids, and the need for additional surgical procedures. Also, by helping prop open the sinus cavities, this further helps increase successful surgical outcomes. The stent is designed to dissolve naturally overtime, so there is no need for removal.

The PROPEL implant, in some cases, can now also be used as part of in-office sinus procedures, like balloon sinuplasty.

Sinus stents and nasal polyps

How can sinus stents help fight back against nasal polyps?

Nasal Polyps can be notoriously difficult to manage. The SINUVA sinus implant is designed to treat nasal polyps without surgery and is an in-office procedure. Once inserted, the innovative design works by opening in the sinus cavity and releasing anti-inflammatory medicine to treat nasal polyps for up to 90 days.

Additionally, studies have proven the SINUVA sinus stent acts to significantly reduces nasal obstruction and congestion, and improves impaired sense of smell. It is currently indicated for adult patients with nasal polyps who have had ethmoid sinus surgery.

For patients plagued with ongoing sinus health woes, these innovative sinus stents may be a key part of a treatment strategy that can help you breathe easier. You can achieve relief and significant improvement in your symptoms.

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